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The multi-century journey of Baltic Amber from Sea to wear

The holy grail of Amber, the Amber Room of 1716 held over 6 tons of Amber. The collection gifted to Peter the Great of Russia has become a mystery.

The history of the Amber Room spans three centuries. Let’s explore its history and some of the theories of its status today.

The original room began creation in 1701 at the hand of a German designer for the King of Prussia. Given as a gift in 1716 to Peter the Great, the contents of the room were sent to the Russian to symbolize the alliance of the Prussian and Russian governments.

Later in the century, the room was moved to a larger space and redesigned by an Italian designer. Other semi-precious gemstones adorned the room, yet the attraction was Amber. For the following two centuries, the room received praise for its significance and the contributions of many cultures to its beauty. Peace was the feeling among the rooms observers until the second World War changed its history forever.Sterling Silver and Baltic Amber Pendant "Rose"

During WWII, the Nazis stole a significant amount of Amber between 1941 and 1945. The loot was kept as décor and hidden for the enjoyment of only German officers and officials. Even after the war, the Amber was hidden from authorities and coveted by Nazi sympathizers. The Amber was seen as something that was won in the war and now belonged to those Germans who had it in possession.

In Saint Petersburg, Russia, there was a reconstructed Amber Room made as a replica of the original room with donations from Germany. When the Russian government decided to recreate the mythical room, the German officials were only so happy to donate approximately $250M worth of the recovered Amber. The newly created Amber Room was finished in 2003 which helped to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Many of the pieces added to the new room were recreations to replicate historic photos of the original room. Although the old room resembles the new, it can never be exactly recreated.

Many believe that the entire Amber Room was pillaged by the Nazi’s and the majority of the treasure remains in underground bunkers hidden in Germany. Others believe that the Nazi’s only were able to abscond with the lighter items and left the most valuable and fragile pieces in the room for Russians to eventually hide.

To this day, the mystery of the original Amber Room remains. Historians agree that the actual Amber room was disassembled by the Nazi’s and that the remaining pieces are spread throughout the world in private collections and others have been destroyed.

Perhaps the gap of knowledge helps to feed the curiosity that still holds the passions of historians. Like your first love, knowing that it existed somewhere in time is all the belief that you need to know that it was real.


The multi-century journey of Baltic Amber from Sea to wear

Amber is worn as the perfect addition to your outfit by day and rubbed on joints to relieve the pain of arthritis by night. The uses of Amber trace back centuries and lead to a Sci-Fi future.

The rich history of Amber follows a path that helped build roads and filled the homes of people along with way with it’smulti-uses. Baltic Amber contains an acid called succinic that is a natural analgesic and is the reason for the temporary relief it offers small aches and pains on the outer body.

Amber was originally named “elektron” in Greek for its ability to conduct static electricity. With major supplies of Amber remaining within the area where the stone was found, many “Amber Roads” were established for those seeking to barter for the resin gemstone.

The uses of Amber spread throughout Eastern Europe and the many small villages established along the Amber Roads. The trade of Amber cultivated cultural development throughout the European continent. Amber also became a symbol of Christianity with its use being heavily favored among the artisans of rosary necklaces.
Cultures would claim their own versions of the origin of Amber and sometimes use the stone during rituals. From initial thoughts that Amber was useless to people being beheaded for collecting the valuable stone, the conceptions of Amber have been diverse. Ancient tombs still being unearthed today are found filled with Amber that was laid to rest with the wealthy residents of the tombs.
Yellow, green, red, and blue colors were found on the shores of the Baltic Sea after storms. An Amber is very lightweight, so it was easily moved by the stirring waters of the sea. Those in the area who sought out Amber became wise to the stones migration and began to cast nets into nearby waters and fish for Amber. This allowed local tradesmen to support a steady supply of the stone for trade with travelers passing through the area.


In the late 1800’s the first serious miners of Amber began to mine the stone after securing a contract with the Prussian government. This mining produced the discovery of many types of Amber and allowed for the modern study of the stone.

Modern scientists became enticed by Amber as a way of preserving history, such as a plant or an insect’s DNA within its resin infrastructure. Many extinct species were discovered and studied thanks to the encompassing nature of Amber.

The Conifer tree produced the unique sap that formed Amber is now extinct and Amber look-alikes are everywhere. Only the original stone has the healing powers and rich history that made the film Jurassic Park possible. After winning its third academy award, it’s safe to say that the film revealed Amber to everyone who didn’t know of its existence before 1994.

So, the amber jewelry that you see is only a preview of the uses of Amber. From development of a continent to the relief of aches and pains, the uses of Amber have yet to reach their end. When you are wearing a piece of Baltic Amber, you are wearing centuries of living history.

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