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Welcome to Our Baltic Amber Jewelry Store

Amber is a warm, natural gemstone that hails from the shores of the Baltic sea. This unique, yellow gem is crafted by nature from tree resin that has taken millions of years to fossilize and has been admired for its various hues and exceptional beauty since the Neolithic era.

Legend has it that Jurate, Goddess of the Baltic Sea, lived in a magnificent amber palace. Jurate ruled the sea and all its creatures peacefully, until a fisherman by the name of Kastytis disturbed this peace. The goddess was set on punishing him for these transgressions, but when she laid eyes on the mortal, she fell in love with him instead. She took Kastytis back to the amber palace, where they were to build a life together.

But their happiness was short lived. Jurates’ father, the God Perkunas, did not approve. Jurates and Kastytis fought for their love, but were defeated by Perkunas. The powerful god struck Kastytis down, destroyed the amber palace, and chained his daughter to its ruins for all eternity. The remains of Jurates’ palace are believed to be flushed out by the Baltic sea as pieces of beautiful amber, often tear-shaped, as Jurates mourns her lost love.

Unlike other natural gems or man-made stones, amber jewelry does not cope with or require much cutting or processing. Instead, it is only lightly refined and fit into a complementary casing or frame to enhance its wholesome, organic features. Like the sea it comes from, the gem is also known for its medicinal qualities and is even used in perfumes. As a jewel, it is more than simple decoration - its warmth and composition bring healing to those who wear it.

Ranging in colors from a lucid, bright yellow to deeper shades of golden brown and, on rare occasions, occurring even in shades of blue and green, amber jewelry will set off any style and bring a particular glow to any skin shade and type.

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