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ZIKLARS New Word In Gemstone Jewelry

A Splash of Color: Why Garnets Are a Girl’s Best Friend

To celebrate the launch of our new Bohemian garnet jewelry brand, Ziklars, we’re talking about the reasons why garnets have become so popular in fine jewelry. We may be a little biased about them, but we believe that garnets are some of the finest and most beautiful gemstones in the world, and we’re excited to share them with clients like you!

If there’s one trend in fine jewelry that has been undeniable over the last few years, it’s this: people want color! While diamonds enjoyed an admirably long reign when it comes to sparkling accessories, today’s fashion-minded wearers are looking for something more sensational - and affordable - than the same expensive clear stones that had previously dominated jewelry showcases for decades. Garnets have a lot to offer, and even the most discerning style-setters are taking notice: this approachable red stone is showing up in the jewelry collections of influencers, designers, and appreciative fans alike.

Rolling Out the Red Carpet

Garnet is the new “it” stone, thanks to its unusually complex red hue, which can color-shift depending on the quality of the ambient light. While large “showcase” stones, such as the type used in Ziklars Teardrop Bohemian Garnet Necklace are popular, smaller clusters of garnets can give a piece a desirable pavé setting effect as well. This technique is used in virtually all types of garnet jewelry, including garnet stud earrings, necklaces, and even rings. The versatility of garnet-studded jewelry makes it easy to mix and match pieces, as the consistent red hue ties visual accents together very neatly.

Sterling Silver Garnet Jewelry

While tradition has often paired colored precious stone jewelry like Bohemian garnets with gold settings, the effect can come across as a little gaudy. Smooth sterling silver is a favorite pairing with garnets in modern jewelry; the bright metallic finish of the setting creates the perfect foil for the deep jewel tone reds characteristic of garnets. In some jewelry pieces, this silver may appear only slightly, in the post-tips of prong-style settings. In others, the silver is used to create a substantial figure, such as in the sculpted legs of this Bohemian Garnet Sterling Silver Frog Pendant.

Formal Meets Casual Style

Well-designed fine jewelry is crafted in such a way that it can be worn and appreciated often. For some precious faceted gemstone pieces, traditional cuts and settings may come across as too “stuffy” or formal to wear outside of a gala or event. Garnet jewelry lends itself to versatility, with pieces ranging from the ornate - such as these Bohemian Garnet Teardrop Earrings - to the more lighthearted, like this Garnet Guardian Angel Pendant. They can be “dressed” up or down with matching accessories that also feature Bohemian garnets, or worn by themselves as a statement piece with your favorite outfits.

If you’ve been searching for a more visually-appealing alternative to diamond jewelry that won’t break the bank, Ziklars Bohemian garnet jewelry is waiting to be discovered. Which beautiful piece will catch your eye first?

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