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Surprising Health Benefits of Wearing Amber

People have valued amber for its healing properties for thousands of years, using this fossilized natural resin to treat various medical conditions. The most popular way to harness the healing power of Baltic amber is to wear it as jewelry. It’s fashionable and surprisingly good for the entire body. Below are some interesting benefits of wearing amber.

The Magic Behind Baltic Amber

Succinic Acid is the main substance that gives amber healing powers. Baltic amber contains the highest confirmed percentage of Succinic Acid, which is why Baltic amber jewelry is the most sought after. The jewel releases the Succinic Acid only when warmed so it’s used in the form of jewelry because you are able to put it close to the source of pain as your skin gradually heats it for prolonged healing effects.

The key thing about amber you must keep in mind is that it does not cure, but gives relief from the symptoms, and helps as long as you wear it. You also must give it time to act because the Succinic Acid is released gradually and its effect on the body builds up over time.

Jewelry for Pain Relief

Baltic amber jewelry lessens pain in critical areas like the neck, shoulders, and wrists. People wear amber earrings to minimize pain in the neck or to ease migraines. This natural resin is said to help overcome arthritis and rheumatism when worn as amber bracelets on affected wrists. You can even sport great looking amber rings to help minimize anxiety and help you overcome fatigue while portraying a glamorous look. Moreover, discrete amber pendants put close to the thyroid gland can increase its function.

Solution for Babies’ Teething Pain

Amber is a natural solution for a baby’s teething pain. It has been used by parents for centuries, and even today, celebrities openly endorse it. The Succinic Acid from the Amber minimizes drooling and pain, making Baltic amber jewelry the sought after fashion accessory for babies.

Healing Energy for the Whole Body

When you wear amber pendants or amber bracelets they tend to rub on your clothing while moving—releasing negative ions that create an advantageous electromagnetic field.

Interestingly, many people who wear amber first noticed an improvement in the quality of their sleep—feeling more rested and energized. There are also those who turn to this gem to help them deal with stress and other mild mental issues.

Other Surprising Benefits of Amber

Baltic amber is regarded as an anti-aging remedy and is even believed to have rejuvenating effects on the skin.

It is also proven to eliminate stomach ache, lower gastritis pain, and enhance oxygen levels, helping to relieve the symptoms of asthma.

Baltic Amber Jewelry is the Real Deal

From what was mentioned above, it's obvious that Amber is a remedy that won’t leave you empty-handed. Like the many who have already benefited, you too can harness the healing powers or fashion benefits of wearing it. After all, Baltic amber is considered the highest quality in the world.

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