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FDA warns that amber teething necklace can be dangerous.

Amber Necklace

Amber teething necklaces are very popular among some parents. But parents should know that there are no scientific facts to support amber benefits for children. What are we talking about exactly?

We’re talking about the supposed benefits of amber teething necklaces for infants and why none of that is real. In fact, the necklaces are quite dangerous and shouldn’t be anywhere near an infant’s mouth. We’ll take it to step by step in this article as we explain why you should stay well away from these types of devices. First, and as the FDA points out in its warning, these amber teething necklaces represent significant choking hazards for your infant.

From falling apart to simple wear and tear, the construction of these amber necklaces does not make them suitable for the kinds of rigorous use that an infant will subject them to throughout the baby’s teething.

Unlike teething rings, which are made out of one piece of plastic and do not fall apart after use, amber teething necklaces are constructed much like traditional necklaces and herein is their major flaw. Moving beyond their flawed construction, one of the main benefits touted by advocates of using amber necklaces for teething is that they are a healthy, natural way for you baby to teeth and contain no harmful chemicals.

In fact, these proponents claim that the succinic acid found in amber actually helps ease pain naturally through absorption. That sounds plausible upon the first read but, after closer examination, really does not hold up under the scrutiny of science.

As the FDA points out, no clinical trials are backing up any claim that amber teething necklaces make. Focusing on the succinic acid benefit specifically, it is noted that the levels of absorption needed would be quite high and the temperature at which this substance release from amber is much higher than a baby’s body is capable of producing.

If a baby’s mouth were capable of reaching temperatures of 200 degrees Fahrenheit, the succinic acid would be poisonous to the child, not beneficial. As with most lies in the world, the succinic acid benefit relies on a mixture of half fact, half fiction and a huge dose of creative reasoning to tie it all together.

You can find any type of Baltic amber necklace for adults on but all these items are not intended to be used by children.

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