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Contact Us is proud to present some of the most beautiful Natural Amber jewelry. It is believed that amber brings luck and protection to people and it has been a symbol of love, marriage, and eternal youth. is created by business and technology professionals, 100% secure and offers the best selection of Authentic Baltic Amber Jewelry on the market. All items are made in Europe. 


Who we are :

Holiday Gift Shops is a member of the International Amber Association and a top importer of authentic Baltic Amber Jewelry in the U.S. All amber jewelry is produced and shipped from the Baltic region of Europe to our U.S. warehouse.

What We Do :

We produce and distribute authentic Baltic amber jewelry on the U.S. and European market. We only use natural certified amber and sterling silver for our products (925). We never use pressed amber, amber surrogates, subfossil resins(copals) or synthetic amber.

Contact Us :

39 South Main St, Suite 5,6

New City, NY, 10956

(800) 647-6926