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Where to buy amber jewelry?


Amber jewelry

Amber is a natural semi-precious stone that can be found all over the world. The most amber is produced in the Baltic region of Europe, It is not surprising, that the best amber jewelry can be found in cities and towns around Baltic sea in Poland, Lithuania, and  Germany. But the capital of amb...

How To Keep Your Amber Jewelry Like New For Years To Come

Baltic Amber Stone


Amber is a natural and delicate stone. A lot of people are wondering how to care for amber jewelry and if there any special maintenance instructions. Here we will provide some simple rules that will help you keep your amber jewelry look great and enjoy it for many years.

  • Keep away amber from...
How to Spot Fake Amber Jewelry
Unfortunately, there are some stones being marketed as amber that is anything but the gem. Here are some ways to test and verify that your amber, is actually genuine.
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