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Blog posts of '2022' 'January'

What Types of Gemstones are Good for Making Jewelry?

Amber Gemstone

Whether you’re thinking of making your own jewelry or curious about what jewelry makers do, there are certain gemstones that are better than others. Learn more about these gemstones and why they make for good jewelry!


Quartz is a stone that is said to have positive energy and healing properties within its ice-like appearance. On the Mohs scale, it ranks at 7 which reveals a high hardness and makes it resistant to scratching.

You can find quartz in different shades like ...

Amber Colors: Which is the Rarest One?

While most people know amber in the more common hues of yellow and orange, seeing it in different colors is far more rare. Amber, like any natural creation, takes on different colors. It’s an enigma in itself for even with the same type of amber, no two stones will look the same.

Amber is such a beautiful treasure though. The color is influenced by the resin, soil, environment, and water that serves to create it. With weather changes and chemical reactions, it creates a spectrum of s...