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Baltic Amber Earrings not only carry the healing characteristics of ancient amber gems close to the wearer but also immediately enhance the skin’s natural glow and seem to bring light and attention to the eyes, whatever their color. The Ancient Greek word for amber is ἤλεκτρον (Elektron), believed to come from the Phoenician word elēkrŏn, which meant 'shining light' or ‘sun’. This word perfectly encompasses all that amber is, from its range of bright, golden shades to its natural, organic warmth.

The presence of amber has helped historians discover and track ancient trade routes. The writings and mythological stories of several pre-Christian cultures mention amber, sometimes referring to the gem as “northern gold.” The organic, ancient gem, crafted by nature itself, has been and remains an intricate part of our cultures and shines more with every year. This is why amber talismans are the ideal, long-lasting gift for yourself or others in your life.