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It’s absolutely integral to find pieces that feature Baltic amber stones. Reinforced by years of history and craftsmanship, amber from the Baltic region is undoubtedly the finest in the world. 

The necklaces can come in a number of different sizes and colors. For example, striped and patterned designs are possible using alternating colors of amber, like black and yellow. Or, if you’d rather have several large, smooth stones dangling from a Sterling Silver chain, then that is possible as well.

You should also consider the types of outfits with which you plan on wearing your amber necklace. For example, if you have a low-cut dress, choose a necklace with an appropriate length chain. Obviously, things like color and reaction with light also play a key role.

If you have a gift-giving event coming up, like a wedding or a graduation, it may be a good idea to buy an amber necklace. Due to its natural healing properties, giving it as a gift can impart a special meaning for both the wearer and the giver. And, depending on the piece on which the stone is placed, you may be able to get your amber necklace engraved with a name or a special message.

In short, amber necklaces can appeal to almost anybody. Put simply; there are so many designs to choose from, each of which will attract a different age group and fashion style. Depending on which style you like, and what kind of clothes you wear, you will easily be able to find an amber necklace that caters to your tastes on our site.

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Sterling Silver and Baltic Honey Amber Necklace "Angela"

Material: Baltic Amber; 925 Sterling Silver. Secure Lobster Clasp. Necklace Size:18". Weight: 7.29 g; Number of Stones:3 ; Stone Size: (2) 0.5" x 0.25"; (1) 0.7" x 0.29"
€58.74 €43.95

Unpolished Raw Honey Baltic Amber Adult Necklace

Material: Baltic Amber; Necklace Size: 18"; Weight: 8.90 g. Screw Clasp Closure.
€32.28 €24.13

Baltic Multicolored Amber String Necklace

Material: Baltic Amber; Necklace Size: 16" Weight: 4.20 g; Secure Lobster Clasp.
€53.81 €40.10

Multicolored Baltic Polished Amber Adult Necklace

Material: Baltic Amber; Necklace Size: 15"; Stone Size: varies from 0.3" x 0.4" to 0.34 x 0.99"; Weight: 19.80 g; Screw Clasp Closure.
€106.72 €79.87

Baltic Honey Polished Mixed Amber Adult Necklace

Material: Baltic Amber; Necklace Size: 21" (53 cm); Weight: 11.80 g; Screw Clasp Closure.
€95.51 €71.39

Multicolored Flat Olive Baltic Amber Necklace

Material: Baltic Amber; Necklace Size: 16"; Weight: 11 g
€48.88 €36.62
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