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Baltic amber, cherished for centuries for its beauty and believed healing properties, has fascinated humanity since as far back as 883 B.C. This material is not your typical gemstone; amber is actually fossilized tree resin from ancient pines that flourished on Earth 55 million years ago.

Ancient civilizations, including the Greeks and Romans, held the belief that necklaces made of amber could alleviate a variety of pains, from stomachaches to issues affecting the throat, ears, and eyes. This led them to employing these necklaces for their medicinal qualities. Moreover, some tribes considered amber a talisman, a source of good luck in hunting, foraging, and safeguarding against the evil eye.

As time marched on and society advanced, the versatility of amber was rediscovered, this time in the realm of jewelry making. Initially, people would simply string together chunky raw amber stones to create necklaces. This sparked curiosity among artisans about the possibility of enhancing amber's natural beauty by polishing it and making it smoother. The innovation didn’t stop there; when heated, amber revealed an astonishing brightness, akin to that of a star.

This "sun stone" found favor among the elite such as kings, queens, emperors, who adorned it as a symbol of divine superiority and power; a gift from the gods. Necklaces in hues of butterscotch, cherry, and deep honey were particularly prized.

In modern times, the privilege of wearing an elegant amber necklace is accessible to everyone. The only decisions to be made are about the color of the stone, whether to set it in silver or gold, and the desired length and design. Amber necklaces, available in both gold and silver, come in an array of hues, including honey (or cognac), lemon, butterscotch, cherry, red, blue, and green.

Yet, it's crucial to remember that amber is among the lightest and most delicate of stones, necessitating careful handling. To preserve its beauty, store your amber necklace in a soft pouch away from chemicals, and gently clean it with a soft cloth occasionally.

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Sterling Silver and Baltic Honey Amber Necklace "Julianne"

Sterling Silver and Baltic Honey Amber Necklace "Julianne"

Material: Baltic Amber; 925 Sterling Silver ; Necklace Size: 18"
Stone Size: 0.4"x0.2"; Weight: 7.2 g; Secure Lobster Clasp
$66.00 $49.37
Sterling Silver Baltic Honey Amber Necklace "Dolphins"

Sterling Silver Baltic Honey Amber Necklace "Dolphins"

Material: Baltic Amber 925 Sterling Silver; Secure Lobster Clasp
Necklace Size: 17.5" can be adjusted to 19.5"; Weight: 7 g; Stone Size: 0.45" x 0.2"
$60.50 $45.17
Sterling Silver and Baltic Honey Amber Necklace "Milena"

Sterling Silver and Baltic Honey Amber Necklace "Milena"

Material: Baltic Amber; 925 Sterling Silver; Necklace Size: 17.5"
Stone Size: 0.4"x0.3"; 0.3"x0.2"; Weight: 6.55 g; Secure Lobster Clasp
$68.00 $50.94
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