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How To Keep Your Amber Jewelry Like New For Years To Come

Amber Stone - Amber Jewelry

Amber is a natural and delicate stone. A lot of people are wondering how to care for amber jewelry and if there any special maintenance instructions. Here we will provide some simple rules that will help you keep your amber jewelry look great and enjoy it for many years.

  • Keep away amber from intense sunlight as it may cause crackles in the stone.
  • As a natural stone, amber doesn’t like sudden temperature changes as it may not only cause cracks in the stone but even destroy it.
  • Amber is a very delicate stone. To avoid scratching the surface and/or avoid the risk of cracking of your amber jewelry, store it away from other jewels in a soft bag.
  • Put on amber jewelry after you’ve put on cosmetics, perfume, hairspray, etc.
  • When washing the dishes, working out, doing your housework or gardening put your amber jewelry away to avoid damaging the stone.
  • To remove dust, sweat, grease use a soft moist cloth and gently wipe it dry.
  • When in doubt about caring for your amber, consult the specialist at a jewelry store.
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