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Hot Summer Accessories: Baltic Amber Necklaces

When temperatures rise, necklines become a little more daring - and that creates the perfect opportunity to show off a favorite necklace (or 2!) along with your summer top. Not all necklaces are a good match, however, so here’s a little warm-weather cheat sheet to finding the perfect genuine Baltic amber necklaces to accentuate your summer wardrobe:

  • Crew Neck / Scoop Neck

The classic crew neck tee features a short curve that is comparatively high on the neck, as opposed to V-necks and other low cuts. These types of tops go best with a longer chain that places a pendant at breast-bone level or below.

Recommended Piece: OurBaltic Amber Flaming Sun Pendantis the perfect homage to summer, especially when paired with your favorite chain or cord to add more elegant length.

  • V-Neck / Deep Vee

Showing a little more skin with a summery V-neck isde rigueur- it’s not only fashionable and a little bit sexy, it’s a great way to beat the heat, too. This neckline style offers the perfect opportunity to showcase a more ornate piece of amber jewelry, so don’t be afraid to try a statement necklace on for size.

Recommended Piece: OurAlcie Genuine Baltic Amber Necklaceis a masterpiece of modern sterling silver and rich honey-brown amber stones: an ideal combination for a finishing touch to your V-neckline look.

  • Boatneck / Square Neck

This upscale neckline silhouette, popularized in popular Northeast vacation destinations like Martha’s Vineyard, exposes the clavicles and delivers a sleek look. It’s an iconic look for summer vacationers mingling at exclusive backyard parties, and demands a short, curved necklace to properly emphasize the upper hem.

Recommended Piece: OurBaltic Multicolored Amber String Necklaceis a chic modern alternative to the classic boatneck-pearl pairing, offering a hint of warm summer colors instead.

  • Halter Neck

Arguably the most challenging of summer necklines to accessorize, a halter neckline loves a V-shaped necklace with subtle side adornments. This style of necklace helps continue the elongated lines begun by the neckline, tying the look together nicely.

Recommended Piece: OurLenore Baltic Amber Necklaceoffers triple the sensational amber with a center pendant and two identical flanking accents to help visually fill out the neckline area.

Summer Wear Tips for Amber Necklaces (and More!)

As with all genuine Baltic amber jewelry, if you plan on swimming in a lake, the ocean, a pool, or a hot tub, remember to slip off your jewelry beforehand. To keep your amber jewelry looking beautiful, bring along a small drawstring bag (for example, the storage bag that comes with all of our amber jewelry pieces) to hold your earrings, necklace, bracelet, and ring if you’re taking a dip.

Once you’re back home, before storing your pieces in a jewelry box, be sure to give your jewelry a quick wipe with a soft microfiber cloth to remove perfumes, lotions, sunblock, and other residue. These simple summer care steps will ensure the beautiful, deep translucence of your amber jewelry stays stunning for a lifetime.

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