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We all know that color green instantly reminds us of freshness, joy, and youthfulness, so its appearance in trendy jewelry is no surprise at all, especially if we consider traditional amber jewelry. There is so much power and symbolism contained in our collection of green amber rings, and it’s something that not only the amber admirers and true jewelry enthusiasts are going to find appealing, but also anyone who comes across these rings as if being drawn to their beauty instantly. The color green is a powerful color, being a true representative of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and the environment. It is the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy, therefore those are the moods, feelings and general associations our green amber rings focus on as well.

Those symbolic associations of color green are something truly magical when combined with the powerful properties of amber stone, creating not only stunning accessories and pieces of jewelry but also fashion statements that allow you to express who you truly are, making your youthful, positive side come to life. The wonderful combination helps you focus on your inner growth while nurturing your beauty and looking like a diva, dominating the world of fashion. These rings are of high quality and hand made to represent something meaningful to the beauty community, but also to the individuals who decide to wear it, and to people who receive these rings as gifts.

 What do you think of when you see a green amber ring? For many people, it conjures up images of witchy potions and spells. However, there's more to amber than meets the eye. In addition to being associated with magic and mystery, amber is also said to represent strength, courage, and protection. Given its reputation, it's no wonder that amber rings are so popular. Whether you're looking for a fashion statement or a talisman to keep you safe, a green amber ring is a perfect choice. So go ahead and take the plunge - after all, it's not every day that you get the chance to wear a piece of history on your finger.


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Gold Plated Sterling Silver and Baltic Green Amber Sunflower Ring

Material: Baltic Amber; Gold Plated Sterling Silver
Stone Size: 0.46"
Total Weight: 6.95 g
€86.99 €64.96

Sterling Silver Baltic Green Amber Celtic Knots Ring

Material: Baltic Amber; 925 Sterling Silver
Total Weight: 3.5 g; Stone Size: 0.38" x 0.3"
€36.32 €27.11

Sterling Silver and Baltic Green Amber Butterfly Ring

Material: Baltic Amber; 925 Sterling Silver
Total Weight: 1.8 g; Stone Size: 0.23" x 0.15"
€26.01 €19.23

Sterling Silver and Baltic Green Amber Eye Ring

Material: Baltic Amber; 925 Sterling Silver
Total Weight: 4 g; Stone Size: 0.3"
€40.36 €30.26

Sterling Silver and Green Baltic Amber Ring "Joan"

Material: Baltic Amber; 925 Sterling Silver; Stone Size: 0.3" x 0.15"; Weight 2.2 g
€21.52 €15.88

GIA Certified Sterling Silver and Baltic Olive Green Amber Square Ring "Nelda"

Material: Baltic Amber; 925 Sterling Silver; Total Weight: 2.26 g; Stone Size: 0.30" x 0.30"
€28.70 €21.44
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