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Father's Day

Honoring Dad: Amber Cufflinks Offer a Touching Tribute

Ah, dad. The sacred guardian of the thermostat, the teller of groan-worthy puns, the master of the BBQ grill: he’s a man worth celebrating, and on June 21st, it’s his time to shine. While stores are flooded with beautiful flowers and jewelry for mother’s day, shopping for the best father’s day gifts is a challenge, to say the least. Sure, there’s the usual assortment of gag gifts and ho-hum sports gear, but wouldn’t you rather give your father something he’ll use, instead of dusty closet-fillers? This year, it’s time to up the ante and let the most important man in your life know exactly how much he means to you.

How are you going to do that? Easy, with a pair of the classiest men’s accessories to ever grace the top of his dresser: Baltic amber cufflinks.

Styles of Amber Cufflinks

Worn through the sleeve buttonholes on a classic dress shirt, amber cufflinks add a dash of flair to what is otherwise a fairly bland piece of clothing. Much like other accessories - belt buckles, wallets, and so on - the size, shape, and style of cufflinks for men say a great deal about their wearer.Small Baltic amber cufflinksmay be worn in business casual situations, or in a suit or tux designed to look understated.Large amber cufflinks, meanwhile, are appropriate for jazzing up a brightly-colored shirt or a pair of french-style shirt cuffs, which provide a broader canvas for more ornate designs.

Types of Amber Cufflinks

Much like fine Baltic amber jewelry, cufflinks may feature any of the popular varieties of amber: deep forest green amber, traditional honey brown amber, and even creamy yellow butterscotch amber may be inlaid into the design. In order to ensure durability and authentic quality, always look for men’s cufflinks that use precious metals, such as sterling silver, in addition to precious stones like Baltic amber.Multicolored amber cufflinksoffer the best of both worlds, giving the wearer a truly distinctive look. Remember, buying from a reputable amber cufflink dealer is vital: plated or “finished” base metal cufflinks may discolor over time, potentially even staining the shirt they’re fastened into. So, if you’re shopping for a present, make sure you don’t cut corners on quality when purchasing men’s amber cufflinks!

A Personal Flourish

While basic square amber cufflinks and rectangular amber cufflinks are a sure hit, for a truly memorable gift, try some of our novelty shapes and designs. Made of the same high-quality .925 sterling silver and genuine Baltic amber, these styles feature everything fromsuits of cardsto nautical-themed shapes likeamber anchor cufflinksandamber ships’ wheel cufflinks.Cufflinks, like so many other premium men’s accessories, speak to the wearer’s style and sense of taste, so it’s important to wear the right pair.

If you’re tempted to get dad yetanothernovelty BBQ apron this year, why not give him something far more enduring, instead? Our high-quality Baltic amber cufflinks are so beautiful in person, don’t be surprised if he’s rendered speechless once he opens your thoughtful gift. And hey, look at the bright side - that pleasant shock should keep the “dad jokes” to a minimum, at least for awhile!

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